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First Principles Ventures LLP

We Solve.

what we do

We Design

UI / UX / Design

Our creative team has helped clients with wireframes, UX, Customer Experience (CX), User Interface Design, HMI interfaces, User Journeys, UI Testing, Graphic Design, Brand Identity Designs & Collaterals. All that impact! We love design, as much as you do.

We Consult

Tech & Management Consulting

We consult companies on Digital Transformation strategic implementation. If you have a business problem to solve, talk to us. Our expertise can do the heavy lifting for you. So you can focus on succeeding in your business.

We Build

Product Development

Technology is not an industry. It is a part of all industries. We understand this fast paced force to reckon with, better than anyone else. Which is why everyone in our in-house and extended teams are technologists – first & foremost

The FPV Lab

FPV Lab is the R&D wing of First Principles Ventures, where Innovations & New Product Developments occur, before they hit the market. The Blue Ocean & Free Thinking arm of FPV – works on Life Sciences, AI and Future Technologies. 

Our Toolkit


Python / Javascript / PHP / Mongo / PostGres / Meteor / React / HyperLedger / Solidity - Smart Contracts / IoT / Machine Learning / AI

Process Emphasis

First Principles Thinking / Agile / Close Contact with Clients / Design Thinking / Efficiency (over) Productivity

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Blockchain | Cryptocurrency | FinTech
News Media & Publishing
Information Technology
Graphic Design
Market Intelligence & Asset Management
Research & Development


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We can help you identify the most optimal, cost-effective tech architecture that would reliably solve your business needs.


Build any website with a robust backend, database and security. We have built 450+ websites on this great platform, that everyone loves.

Web Design

Front-end engineering with HTML, CSS, JS. From Bootstrap to Components. Wireframes to working prototypes. Do'able.

Graphic Design

Scalar or Vector?! Branding Collaterals? Design has its yearly trends. We can keep you stay updated.

Ecommerce Setup

We build Woocommerce, Shopify, Subscriptions & Membership based sites. Whatever your business model / store needs are, we can build the solution.


Blockchain, ICO, Ethereum ERC 20 Tokens, Blockchain Accounting services. We even build our own Blockchains.

Digital Transformation

First Principles Ventures Specializes in helping businesses with digital transformation and change implementation strategies. We consult to help you identify right set of tools, processes, enterprise solutions and change implementation methodologies.
Talk to us to help us understand your digital transformation goals.

Think Tank

At First Principles Ventures, we do First Principles Thinking. We just ask the right questions. Our clients love what we do, but mostly for how we do it. We can be your extended brains.


Research and Development prepares your business for the risks and opportunities that are yet unforeseen. We help you see all the scenarios ahead.

Ram N


Ram N First Principles Ventures

CEO / Strategy / Process / Tech / Management Consulting / Illustrator / Front End Design / Applied Life Sciences Graduate & Master of International Business

Gautham N

Gautham N First Principles Ventures

COO / Copywriting / Due Diligence / IP Law / Logistics / Operations Management / Engineering – Biotechnology & Masters in Chemical Engineering

Jayanand UC

Jayanand UC First Principles Ventures

CBDO /Tech / Hiring / Finance / Asset Management / Fintech Markets / Mobility Solutions 

Mohit Sharma

Tech Lead / Dev Ops / 
Engineer / PHP / Python / Masters in Applied Computer Sciences

Aniket K

Aniket First Principles Ventures

Blockchain Engineering / Front End Engineering / Solidity / Smart Contracts / Masters in Applied Computer Sciences


Raja Azhaghappan First Principles Ventures

Business Process / Design / Accounting / Administrative Management



Spreadsheets / Online Customer Facing Chat Management / Front End Engineer

Rajesh DA

Android Development / Angular JS / SQL / Mobility Solutions Development


Journalist / Writer / Editor

We help your business, deliver.

We are a multidisciplinary assemblage of minds that leverage individual hard and soft skills, with in-house resources and extended expertise networks – to solve unique business problems.

So, how can we help?

We get back within 24 hours… always

First Principles Ventures LLP
#432A, 4th Cross, 9th Main Road,
HAL 3rdStage, JeevanBhima Nagar
Bangalore – 560075, Karnataka, IN


Company info

First Principles Ventures LLP is a registered company in Bangalore, India. 


Registered Address: 
No.2, 13th A Cross, 20th B Main, Venkateshwara Layout, BTM 1st Stage, Bangalore.

Office Address: 

First Principles Ventures LLP
#432A, 4th Cross, 9th Main Road,
HAL 3rdStage, JeevanBhima Nagar
Bangalore – 560075, Karnataka, IN